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What the future holds for Madeline’s…

Many of you have inquired as to the status of Madeline’s.  At this time, we have decided to put our plans on hold.  New regulations, health insurance laws and other factors have largely impacted our decision.  It was a difficult decision because we enjoyed the business and made many good friends at Madeline’s.   We know that many of you are still holding gift certificates, and we want to refund your money.  If you have a gift certificate, please return the gift certificate along with your mailing address to my attention and that I will be happy to refund your money.  Please note that any gift certificate beginning with the letter “A” was a promotional certificate and cannot be refunded.  Also, in the future, a 10% service charge will be deducted from the value of the certificate, so we appreciate receiving any gift certificates as soon as you are able.  For your refund, please mail your gift certificate to:
Nadine R. King
c/o King’s Management
16515 Pottsville Pike, Suite A
Hamburg, PA  19529